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This PRO demo includes all of @burt and others addons as listed on this page...a new PRO addon is released almost every week and are given [for free!] to supporters of the project - which is how shopowners level-up on a weekly basis. Go PRO!

Addon By Rating Date
Testimonials Imageburt15 Sep 2020
More Info Page Extensionsburt and Heatherbell1 Sep 2020
Invoice Commentsburt15 Aug 2020
Info Page Extensionsburt1 Aug 2020
Batch Actionsburt15 Jul 2020
Social Iconsburt30 Jun 2020
Admin Notesburt14 Jun 2020
Product Specificationsburt2 Jun 2020
Finale Orderburt18 May 2020
Canned Order Commentsburt11 May 2020
Navbar Searchburt27 Apr 2020
Killer Catsburt13 Apr 2020
Price Updating on the Flyburt7 Apr 2020
Alert Message in HeaderHeatherbell30 Mar 2020
Customer Data Modulesecartz24 Mar 2020
Carouselburt23 Mar 2020
Header Information Barburt16 Mar 2020
Layered Horizontal Menuburt25 Feb 2020
Ajax Country State Selectorburt20 Feb 2020
Ajax Cart - instant cart updateburt10 Feb 2020
Messages & TestimonialsHeatherbell & LeeFoster6 Feb 2020
Cart Messagesburt28 Jan 2020
PI - Tabs, Terms, Stock Traffic Lights, Manufacturers NameLeeFoster & Dan Cole22 Jan 2020
Password Strength Meterburt17 Jan 2020
Shopowner Reply to Reviewsburt12 Jan 2020
Inventory Report Pageburt4 Jan 2020
Tabs System for Product Infoburt16 Dec 2019
Inventory Reporting Dashboard with on the fly Updatesburt2 Dec 2019
Product Notifications Systemburt25 Nov 2019
Product Cost and Marginburt4 Nov 2019
Purchase HistoryHeatherbell1 Nov 2019
Mouseover Card Effectburt1 Nov 2019
Product Termsburt29 Oct 2019
MATCburt21 Oct 2019
Check Email on the Flyburt14 Oct 2019
Versioning in Adminburt12 Oct 2019
Modern Breadcrumbburt12 Oct 2019
Off Canvas Menuburt28 Sep 2019
Sale Stickerburt17 Sep 2019
Product Page Layoutburt17 Sep 2019
GDPR Suiteburt2 Sep 2019
Review Stars/Linkburt31 Aug 2019
Google Recaptchaburt26 Aug 2019
Solve Large Imagesburt17 Aug 2019
Button Spinnerburt6 Aug 2019
Items Per Pageburt15 Aug 2019
Maths Captchaburt1 Aug 2019

There are currently 47 PRO Addons loaded in this Shop, with lots more available from other developers!