Supporters Code - Season 6

Supporters Code is the only way in which the Phoenix project is funded.

s06e01 - Layout Modules for Index

Seven modules and a controller for Index that allows shopowner to design her Index page more tightly yet more flexibly. Some of the modules can be seen at the index page.

s06e02 - XML Sitemaps

Completely hands off way to make XML sitemaps and automatically keep them updated, which is excellent for SEO purposes. XML sitemap index can be viewed at XML index page, which links to sitemaps for Products, Categories, Specials and Manufacturers.

s06e03 - Clear Cart Button

Allow users to clear their whole cart in one click. Can be seen at shopping cart page (when user has at least one item in her cart).

s06e04 - Invoice Numbering

Shopowner can now link Invoices to external accounting. This is an admin side mod, so no demo is available, but you can read more about it at the Phoenix Club.

s06e05 - Spotlight Special

Choose a Special Offer to be shown as part of the Index Page Layout Can be seen on the index page of this Demo shop.

More releases to follow in the coming days and weeks...

If you would like to read more details about each of these Supporters Codes, including videos of them in action and screenshots etc, please see the S6 Tag in the Phoenix Club.
Green Tomatoes
Green Tomatoes

Keys are essential. Thank you Gary....