Supporters Code - Season 4

Supporters Code is the only way in which the Phoenix project is funded.

s04e01 - Header Info Bar

Shows an unlimited number of messages in the Header which turns into a Carousel in XS devices. Can be seen in the header area betweent the Logo and the Breadcrumb.

s04e02 - Carousel

Adds a Carousel which links into the Advert Manager. Can be seen on the index page.

s04e03 - Customer Data Modules

Adds many more Customer Data modules allowing you to collect information from your Customers. These are used on the create_account and other pages.

s04e04 - Alert Message

Adds an Alert in the Header area, which goes to a new "Info Page". Can be seen on the index page.

s04e05 - Price Change on the Fly

If a product has attributes which add cost to the base price of the product, this module will update the display price appropriately. Can be seen on the Shiny Apples product when selecting options.

s04e06 - Solve Large Image (Categories)

Became defunct in later versions of Phoenix.

s04e07 - Navbar Search

A search box for Navbar. Can be seen at the top of every page.

s04e08 - Canned Order Comments

Admin side functionality to save shopowner the pain of writing out the same message time after time on orders.

s04e09 - Finale Order

Shows a popup at the very end of the checkout process. This stops accidental double submission of the order and provides a good UX experience for your customer by providing instant feedback "thank you, we are placing your order now".

s04e10 - Product Tags

Tags are a Group made up of a leader EG: "Produce Of" and members "France", "Spain", "Germany". You can have unlimited Tags. Can be seen on the Shiny Apples product

s04e11 - Admin Comments

Allows Admin User to write memorandums about Orders, Products, Customers, Core Code change etc. These memos are displayed in an admin page and on the individual items themself.

s04e12 - Responsible Social Icons

Links for Facebook, Twitter et al. Allows your customers to advertise/save your products. Can be seen on any product_info page.

If you would like to read more details about each of these Supporters Codes, including videos of them in action and screenshots etc, please see the S4 Tag in the Phoenix Club.
Shiny Red Apples
Shiny Red Apples

Lovely box of crunchy apples and delivered very quickly. Th...