Supporters Code - Season 3

Supporters Code is the only way in which the Phoenix project is funded.

s03e01 - Inventory

Admin Functionality that shows your current stock levels, value of stock etc. Includes CSV for easy import to Spreadsheet.

s03e02 - Reply to Reviews

Shopowner can now reply to reviews. Can be seen (eg)on the Shiny Red Apples product.

s03e03 - Password Strength

Unobtrusive popup to remind your customer to create a strong password. Can be seen (eg) on the create account page.

s03e04 - Layout Modules

More Layout modules for product info page. Includes Manufacturer Name, Stock Level, Tabs (s02e11) and Terms (s02e06).

s03e05 - Reinforcement Messages

Messages on your shopping cart page to give your customer extra peace of mind. Can be seen (eg) on the shopping cart page when you have a product in cart.

s03e06 - Ajax Buy Buttons

Add product to your cart without leaving the page. Can be seen (eg) on the Shiny Red Apples product when adding to cart, as well as any other "buy" button sitewide.

s03e07 - Footer Modules

A couple of Footer display modules; testimonials and reinforcement messages. Can be seen in the Footer area of this site.

s03e08 - Country/State Selector

Refreshes the States dropdown when selecting a country. Can be seen (eg) on the create account page when selecting a country (eg if you select "United States").

s03e09 - Horizontal Menu

A simple two level horizontal menu consisting of top level categories and sub categories as well as Brands. Can be seen in the Header area of this site.

If you would like to read more details about each of these Supporters Codes, including videos of them in action and screenshots etc, please see the S3 Tag in the Phoenix Club.
Shiny Red Apples
Shiny Red Apples

Lovely box of crunchy apples and delivered very quickly. Th...