Supporters Code - Season 2

Supporters Code is the only way in which the Phoenix project is funded.

s02e01 - Offcanvas Menu

When looking at the site in a small device, clicking on the hamburger slides in the offcavnvas menu.

s02e02 - Breadcrumb

A new style breadcrumb which shows within the page content on all pages other than top level index.php. Can be seen on the Shiny Apples product.

s02e03 - Versioning

Check modules for Admin which show your live version of Bootstrap/jQuery/FontAwesome.

s02e04 - Email Verification

Module to help users to insert their correct email address. Can be seen on the create account page.

s02e05 - MATC (Must Agree Terms)

Now defunct as this dropped into Core and has since been supercharged with the Info Pages system. Can be seen on the create account page.

s02e06 - Product Terms

Allows you to add buttons to your Products, which show more information when clicked. Can be seen on the Green Tomatoes page a bit below the image.

s02e07 - Mouseover Card

Adds a hover effect to Product Cards. Can be seen by hovering over any of the products in (eg) the "New products for" module on the front page.

s02e08 - Product Cost

Admin functionality that allows shopowner to insert a cost price per product.

s02e09 - Notifications

Layout module to allow shoppers to more easily sign up for product notifications. Includes admin functionality to alloow store owner to see/export customer and to send email to those who want notifications.

s02e10 - Low Stock Dashboard

Admin functionality that allows shopowner to insert a "re-order" unit amount and to see products that need re-ordering in a Dashboard module.

s02e11 - Tab system for products

Rearrange and mae good use of the real estate of your product page using a Tabbed system.s. Can be seen by on any of the products, eg Shiny Red Apples.

If you would like to read more details about each of these Supporters Codes, including videos of them in action and screenshots etc, please see the S4 Tag in the Phoenix Club.
Shiny Red Apples
Shiny Red Apples

Lovely box of crunchy apples and delivered very quickly. Th...