Supporters Code - Season 1

Supporters Code is the way in which the Phoenix project is funded.

s01e01 - Maths Captcha

Adds a simple Maths Questions. Can be seen on forms, eg Contact Us.

s01e02 - Items Per Page

Adds Pagination. Can be seen at product listings, eg Category

s01e03 - Solve Large Images

Became defunct with the introduction of later versions of Bootstrap 4

s01e04 - Button Spinner

Adds interactive feedback to Button Clicks. Can be seen when pressing any button (eg adding a product to cart).

s01e05 - Google Recaptcha

Adds the well known tickbox by Google. Can be seen on forms, eg Contact Us.

s01e06 - Review Stars

Became defunct as an addon as this dropped into Core Code. Can be seen on any product_info page.

s01e07 - GDPR Suite

Introduces a way for your customers to solve GDPR issues on their own. Includes a GDPR page and many modules. Can be seen at GDPR - though you must of course have an account to view the page.

s01e08 & s01e09 - Layout Modules for Product Info

Addon dropped into Core Code, so can be seen on any Phoenix sites product_info page. This pack includes many unreleased Layout Modules to further extend your product page.

s01e10 - Sale Sticker

Adds in a Sticker for "on sale" products within the product listings. Can be seen (eg) at Specials.

If you would like to read more details about each of these Supporters Codes, including videos of them in action and screenshots, please see the S1 Tag in the Phoenix Club.
Shiny Red Apples
Shiny Red Apples

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